Secure: “To Be or Not To Be
        That is the Question”

As you consider the question of whether or not you wish your web site to be secure, first think about what you are trying to protect and from whom. 

First of all, let’s understand how the web search and access works. If your website has a somewhat obscure name, then very few people will even find it without your telling them the address (URL). However, automatic search will find the website. Most of these searches are done by legitimate “search engines” that look for information on each site and categorize it such that people doing online searches can find web sites of interest. These engines generally do not “dig” through your site but will look for information that is purposely placed in a certain place in the site especially for these engines to find. If you do not wish these engines to find you then you can leave this blank and you will probably not show up in an internet search. However, what I call illegitimate search programs, those looking for information for malicious purposes could search an unprotected site and look for information that could be used improperly. These are the “hackers” that you would use password protection to guard against.

I would suggest that you make a list of things that you do not want on your web site at all. These could and possibly should consider your address and personal or family phone numbers. It is good to consider a phone number used for business but if your site is not protected or somehow “hacked” you do not want people to know where you live or to harass you on your personal phone numbers. If you choose to include them for family distribution I would definitely consider putting them on a password protected page. Any other private information should be considered in this category. 

One question that you could ask is “Why not make the whole darn thing password protected?” This is entirely up to you. You may want to have a public portion that includes information that you would like casual acquaintances to view without a password or you may have a side line business that you would like to show and have available to the public.  Ok, having considered the above, you could list the following:

  • What not to put on the site
  • Whether to put any information in the site in the information that will be searched by a search engine
  • Do you want to protect the whole site?
  • If not then which pages do you want to protect


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