Scrapbooking page included

Scrapbooking pages can be assembled in a simple Photo processing program like Photoshop Elements 5 with great effects. These can then be added as scrapbook pages as shown in Scrapbooking pages below. I do not claim to be a scrapbooker but was able to put each of these pages together in just a few minutes apiece. Imagine what could be done by a “real” scrapbooker with real artistic talent.... These were put together using Photoshop Elements 5 which can be purchased for around $29. If you look around you can find similar programs for less or even free. Many point and shoot cameras come with suitable software.

    Page 1: Pictures in frames (2 kinds) pasted on a treasure map.

    Page 2: Old timey monochromes with burnt edges on old paper

    Page 3: Snapshots from a vacation pasted over a scenic snap shot taken on that vacation.

Each of these pages should be named and have a text explanation of the pictures explaining the common relationship, the time and place taken and any other relevant information on them.

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