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Photos are your digitally captured memories. They are timeless, invaluable, and are our virtual time machine. How else can you go back in time to see what it was like back when? Photos are not only a means to reminisce or remember the good times but are a method of teaching your children about your history and that of you parents or grandparents.

Many of the people that lost homes in the San Diego Fires three years ago said “I just had time to gather up our family photos.” These were the most valuable, irreplaceable items they could gather up. Placing them on your web site is a way to preserve them.

What better way is there of sharing your photos with those you love such as grandma and grandpa, brother and sister, your children away at college your friends etc. Just provide them with the site address and they can view and peruse them at their leisure. With this albums on your pages you can share special events like your daughter’s, wedding, your son’s mission, your travels to far places and more.

There are too many ways to display your photos to go into any detail here but here are a few methods and some suggestions.

  • Photos sprinkled within your text illustrate and the text provides commentary for your photos.
  • Photo Albums: There are an infinite number of types and styles allowing you to express your creativity or to bring special emphasis to your event or subjects.
  • Photo Slide shows: This method allows you to present your images in the setting and order you wish rather than have your viewer just “browse through them”.
  • Photo scrap books: These are pages of photos and can be assembled on your web pages with the same artistry and craftsmanship as those beautiful scrapbooks I’m sure you’ve seen.
  • Movies: Yes movies! Most modern midrange digital point-and-shoot cameras have a movie mode. This is an excellent way of capturing those great family moments and provide motion and sound.

Each of these will be demonstrated in the following pages on this sample web site. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Don’t put too many photos or too many seconds of video on a single web page. The more there is on a single page, the longer it takes to load. Rather than have your viewer wait a couple minutes for your page to load it is better to break up the photos into smaller categories so that load time is small and keeps your viewers interest. You’ll also find it gives your site much better organization as well.
  • When shooting movies for a web page, I suggest they be shot at a 320 pixel width and at 15 frames a second. You will want to hold the camera steady but you can capture a fairly long segment. See my later example of the “Lizard funeral”.


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