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Family History

    Family history is one of the most popular topics on family web sites. The web is used effectively to do research and put together family histories. Therefore it makes a great deal of sense to add this history to your family web site to share with others and display the fruits of your efforts. There are many topics that would fall under this category of which we highlight three:

    . Journals, or histories of family members. histories of ancestors can be very valuable to your family and you will want to share these. Every person should consider keeping a journal for themselves as well for documentation of their experiences, knowledge and adventures for sharing with family, friends and for their posterity. These can be very personal and should be kept secure with a password shared with only those chosen be the website owner. If the entire web site is password protected then there would be no need to protect it further GGrandma-Nora-Leavitt-Huntunless the audience needs to further limited.

  1. Scrap books: We all have scrap books from our childhood or some member of our family scavenges photos and pasts them into pages which are often artistically designed and very appealing. Placing scrap books on your web site gives you the opportunity to share these books with extended members or the family or those that are away to school or on a mission. They not only document people and happenings but also result in artistic presentation.
  2. Genealogy has created one of the largest uses of the web. The web’s pervasive documentation of history and historical archives along with it’s incredible search capabilities have lead to a rapid genealogical information explosion as well as an increasing interest in this pursuit. Genealogy has long been considered extremely valuable in bringing us present folk in touch with their progenitors and past. It provides us with a sense of roots and being. It helps us understand the importance of family and the connection it provides with our fore fathers in understanding their accomplishments, hardships, bravery in forging new countries and nation. The Web not only is a great enabler of genealogy but also provides us with a way to present and share our efforts with family and others. A genealogy web page is strongly recommended for the family web site.
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