Master Style

OK, what do I mean by the “Master Style?

The borders around a web site are often set so that they do not change as you navigate through the web site. Notice for this web site the banner at the top and the navigation buttons on the left side and the navigation text at the bottom do not change as you navigate through the site. These elements are chosen by the owner of the web site. There are many “templates” (these provide ready made borders, banners, line styles, table styles, and text styles) available. Some of these you must pay for (usually around $30) and some are free. The problem with these is that I have not found many that look good for a family type web site. Also they are not personalized. For this site I constructed my own banner using Photoshop Elements 5.0. I created a 125 by 1000 pixel slice of one of Jenny’s photos and added a family shot on top of it using “layers”. I then just fuzzed the edge of the family photo. It took all of about 15 minutes. Note that I had chosen my color scheme before I built the banner so the banner is consistent with the color scheme.

For buttons, I just borrowed some free buttons because it was easier. (You may guess from this that I am lazy). 

Bottom line, design your own Master elements and personalize them but do it after you choose your color scheme.


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