How often have you heard from close friends, family and others we care about and care about us: What’s happening, or what have you been up to lately? In this digital age there is little excuse for not keeping those we love and care informed and sharing special moments and happenings with them.

There are many family events that we celebrate, photograph and wish to record these for our continued enjoyment through reminiscing and remembering the good times. We also would like to share them with our extended family and close friends. We may have members of our immediate family that are on assignment elsewhere in the world because of work, missions and other reasons that wish to stay abreast with the happenings of the family. 

An easy way to do this is through the family web site. The photos, videos and written tributes and summaries are easily posted on the family web site and e-mails on updates can be transmitted to the group in a matter of minutes.

We give examples of three type of events that you may wish to consider:

  • A family wedding
  • A family Vacation
  • Holidays

Other events you may wish to consider are anniversaries, graduations, school plays, family sporting events, mission farewells, homecoming talks the list is practically endless. You probably have your digital camera with you; use it and then post these to your family web site. 

A reasonably moderate sized family web site can hold
10,000 photos, hours of video, thousands of pages of text etc. so don’t feel that you should limit what you post. They can be secured with a password that you can set and control for privacy as required. 

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