Color scheme

What is there about Color?

Have you ever noticed that different adds on TV or in magazines or on the web give you certain feelings? Some make you feel content, comfortable and at ease, some make you feel excited and anticipating, some make you feel unsettled, etc. Much of this is done be choosing a good color scheme. By color scheme I mean a primary color along with a set of complimenting colors. By prudent choice of these, you can do a lot to control the mood of your viewer.

Now, I’m not an artist but, I chose the colors of this web because I felt this combination of colors evoke the same feelings as perhaps “comfort food”. I wanted to give a homey relaxed feeling to the web site. I hope that I have accomplished

Another use of choosing the right colors and combinations of colors it that it draws the elements of the web site together or directs the focus of a page or allows something to stand out. Experiment with colors. If you ignore your color combinations you may find that the web site does not have the appeal that you thought it would and you can’t quite put your finger on what the problem is. Ifou think the content is good but it doesn’t quite do what you want, look at the colors.

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